Business process modeling

Training description

Practical modeling in BPMN

The training covers the use of BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) notation to create business process models, at the descriptive and analytical level. Training participants will become familiar with the most popular elements of BPMN notation and examples of their use. They will learn practical tips and good practices regarding modeling. The aim of the training is to practically prepare participants to use BPMN notation in their organization. They will be able to both effectively read the information contained in process diagrams and create them themselves.

The training includes a practical part – the use of learned techniques.

For whom?

The training is addressed to:

  • Requirements engineers
  • Business and system analysts
  • Representatives of other IT specializations (programmers, testers, etc.)
  • Domain subject matter experts
  • Project managers

What will you gain?

  • You will learn the most popular elements of BPMN notation
  • You will learn how to read and create process models
  • You will learn the principles and good practices regarding process modeling
  • You will learn how to create clear and meaningful diagrams
  • You will learn to think process-wise


Introduction to modeling

  • The concept of a model
  • Business process concept
  • Objectives and advantages of modeling
  • Diagram as a model

BPMN notation

  • Application of BPMN
  • Types of diagrams
  • Model classes

Main BPMN elements

  • Pools, Swimlanes and Messages
  • Gateways
  • Activities
  • Start and end events
  • Intermediate events
  • Subprocesses
  • Data artifacts

Process models

  • Sample process models
  • Best modeling practices


2 days (16 hours including breaks)

The next date

June 15-16  (Saturday – Sunday)

Online training


1100zł + VAT

Learn and use BPMN in practice

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